Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Make Bunelos

Disney Dreamlight Valley probably has some of the tastiest meals ever, here is how to make the mouth-watering Bunelos.

Disney Dreamlight Vally Bunelos

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Disney Dreamlight Valley players need snacks when exploring. Energy is always in short supply, and a surplus of excellent recipes is the perfect way to solve the problem. One recipe players can try out is Bunelos. They require multiple ingredients that must be purchased instead of grown, but they are a great snack to pack for exploration.

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How To Make Bunelos DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to make Bunelos
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Bunelos can be made using a total of four ingredients, three from Remy’s kitchen, and grown in player gardens. Below is everything needed to cook this meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • x1 Cheese
  • x1 Wheat
  • x1 Milk
  • x1 Egg

Bunelos is a recipe that players will find pretty easy to make, but only after they have unlocked Remy’s kitchen, which becomes available after he moved to the valley and players complete a series of quests. All dairy products such as butter, milk, and eggs can be purchased from his restaurant store.

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Wheat can be purchased in seed or plant form from Goofy’s stand in the Peaceful Meadow. Growing the seeds is more cost effective than purchasing the crop, and can be raised in large quantities. It is important to water the seeds regularly, to offer the speediest growth. Additionally, players can boost their water can to skip the wait.

After mixing all of these ingredients into the cooking station pot, players can add x1 coal and the meal will be cooked, adding it to their growing collection of recipes. With this 4-Star meal, players will be rewarded a lot more energy when eating it versus lower-star dishes. It can also be gifted to villagers or used in daily Dreamlight missions as well. That is everything to know about making Bunelos in Disney Dreamlight Valley.