Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Make Tamagoyaki

Disney Dreamlight Valley has many different recipes, even some that don’t seem to look like they are supposed to.

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to make tamagoyaki

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one to be at the top of the list for having some of the neatest recipes in video games. It includes a wide variety of meals and countless different drinks available in several flavors, like, Boba Tea for example. There are multiple holiday-based recipes such as gingerbread cookies, but this guide will look at one particularly simple cuisine you can master.

Tamagoyaki is a Japanese omelet, but it has an appearance more like sushi in DDV. Here is everything you need to know about how to make Tamagoyaki.

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How to Make Tamagoyaki in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to make tamagoyaki
Screenshot by Gamepur

Tamagoyaki is an interesting recipe that is supposed to be based on a Japanese rolled-up omelet, but it doesn’t really look like that in Disney Dreamlight Valley, instead kinda takes after a plate of sushi. Making Tamagoyaki only takes two ingredients. One ingredient is fairly easy to get because players have unlocked it at the beginning of the game, the other will require players to have Remy’s kitchen unlocked.

The required ingredients for making Tamagoyaki are listed below.

  • x1 egg
  • x1 sugarcane

With this meal only needing two ingredients, it ends up being a 2-star recipe so it won’t replenish as much energy as higher-star recipes. However, it can also be used for decoration, gifting to other villagers, or for possible Dreamlight missions and quests.

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Once players have both these ingredients, they can bring them over to the cooking station with x1 coal, and mix them together in the cooking pot. When the process has been completed, players will be greeted with the new recipe of Tamagoyaki. It still doesn’t make sense why it looks more like sushi than a rolled-up omelet, but that is what players have successfully made. That is everything to know about making Tamagoyaki in Disney Dreamlight Valley.