Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Make Maguro Sushi

Disney Dreamlight Valley has tons of different fish recipes, here is how to make Maguro Sushi and what it can be used for.

Maguro Sushi Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image via Gamesloft

While Disney Dreamlight Valley has many different recipes to cook within its game, there are some that are more difficult than others, and Maguro Sushi is one of the more challenging ones. Not that cooking the recipe itself is hard, but gathering some of the ingredients could be tricky for new players. This guide will explain what ingredients are needed and where to find them so everyone can make Maguro Sushi.

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How To Make Maguro Sushi In DDV

Maguro Sushi is a delightful fish recipe, but it requires access to the expensive biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The areas required for this recipe are The Glade of Trust and The Forgotten Lands. The Glade of Trust costs 5,000 Dreamlight while The Forgotten Lands costs a painful 15,000 Dreamlight. This can take a while to amass, but access to each location has a wealth of benefits.

Once you have access to both locations, this is a 4-star recipe meaning it requires a total of 4 different ingredients listed below.

  • x1 Tuna
  • x1 Rice
  • x1 Seaweed
  • x1 Ginger

Tuna can be fished up only from The Glade of Trust or Forgotten Lands, rice can be purchased from Goofy’s shop in The Glade of Trust, Ginger can be harvested only from The Forgotten Lands, and seaweed can be fished up from just about any body of water.

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Once all 4 of these ingredients are gathered, players can add these to the cooking station pot with x1 coal and begin cooking. After the process is complete, they will have successfully made Maguro Sushi. This meal can then be consumed to replenish health or be gifted to other villagers to increase their friendship meter. These recipes can also be placed on tables as decoration which makes a cute addition to any room.