Disney Dreamlight Valley how to prepare Grilled Fish Entree
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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Make Grilled Fish Entree

Disney Dreamlight Valley has so many different recipes for fish, here is how to make the fancy Grilled Fish Entree dish.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has tons of different recipes that players can discover through exploration. While some recipes are harder than others to create, some are fairly simple, requiring only one or two ingredients. Of course, the lower the ingredient count, the lower the star rating will be for the meal.

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How To Make Grilled Fish Entree In DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to make Grilled Fish Entree
Screenshot via Gamepur

There are two different types of Grilled Fish dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the entree version being a bit fancier and offering a slightly higher star rating to replenish more health than its little brother, Grilled Fish. While Grilled Fish only requires one ingredient, Grilled Fish Entree requires three, making it a 3-star recipe.

Below is a list of all the ingredients needed to make a Grilled Fish Entree.

  • x1 fish
  • x2 vegetables

Ingredients that are considered vegetables are carrots, tomatoes, eggplants, and any other IRL vegetables. It also doesn’t matter what fish is used for this meal. Any fish will do, just as with Grilled Fish. Once all three of these ingredients are mixed into the cooking station pot with x1 coal, players will have successfully made Grilled Fish Entree.

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Once the meal has been prepared for the first time, it will automatically be added to the player’s cookbook, making it easy for players to auto-cook it the next time they want the meal, as long as they have the ingredients needed. That is everything to know about preparing Grilled Fish Entrees in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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