Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Fish Soup
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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Make Fish Soup

Disney Dreamlight Valley has many tasty soups which are perfect for keeping warm during the winter, here is how to make fish soup.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a growing list of recipes that can be made in the game, many of which seem to involve a different type of fish. Fish is an ingredient that can be found in various biomes and caught using the different color bubbles. Players can also go fishing with their fishing companions and get double the fish as well.

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One of the recipies you can make with all of the fish you catch is Fish Soup. This guide will explain everything you need to know about how to cook Fish Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Make Fish Soup in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Fish Soup
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Making Fish Soup is pretty easy, just like many of the other soups in the game. For example, tomato soup only consists of one ingredient, which is tomatoes. However, Fish Soup takes two more ingredients than that, but it is still fairly simple and easy to make for those who haven’t yet. This recipe is pretty beginner friendly, but it does require players to have Remy’s Kitchen unlocked in the valley.

The three ingredients needed for the recipe are listed below.

  • x1 fish
  • x1 milk
  • x1 vegetable

Some ingredients, such as vegetables, can be used based on what the player has, so this could be a carrot, tomato, or any other vegetable that is easy for you to get your hands on for this recipe. The same goes for fish, there are many different fish that players can use for this recipe – any single one you desire to be cooked up.

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Once all three of these ingredients are added into the cooking pot it will only require x1 coal to successfully make Fish Soup. With this being a 3-star recipe, it will replenish a bit more energy than other soups that only require one or two ingredients. That is everything to know about how to make Fish Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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