Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Make Okra Soup

Disney Dreamlight Valley has many different soups in it, here is how to prepare the 1-star meal, Okra Soup.

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Preparing meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley can quickly become a hobby as there are just so many different recipes to make throughout the game. It is almost as addictive as collecting materials and items in the game as well. Finding every single recipe in DDV is a fun challenge, but some can be harder to get than others.

Okra Soup is one of the recipes you can cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and while it can be quite simple to make, the ingredient can be difficult to obtain. This guide will explain how to make Okra Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what ingredient you’ll need to have.

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How to Make Okra Soup in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley Okra Soup
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Of course, 1-star recipes aren’t the go-to for man fans considering they don’t grant a lot of energy to players. However, if a player wants to complete their collection, or finish a certain quest or mission, it might be required to make a few 1-star dishes. Ingredients increase in stars as players add more ingredients, so a dish with five ingredients will be five stars and so on.

Okra Soup only requires one item in order to prepare the meal – Okra. This is pretty self explanatory. Although, while the recipe is fairly easy for players to make, getting Okra is a little tricky if a player doesn’t have the Glade of Trust biome unlocked.

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Grade of Trust is the only location in Disney Dreamlight Valley where players can collect Okra, but once players have it, they can head over to Goofy’s Stall and they can easily purchase it. After adding it to a cooking pot with 1 piece of coal, players will have made Okra. Remember, this recipe won’t restore a lot of health, but it can be used to complete quests and missions. That’s all to know about making Okra Soup, so head on over to the kitchen and whip up some great meals.