Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Make Tomato Soup

Disney Dreamlight Valley has so many recipes and some just hit closer to home, here is how to make tomato soup.

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to make tomato soup

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley has many different dishes that players can cook in the game. Some of these are fish recipes that only require one ingredient, while others can be slightly more difficult and require a bunch of ingredients from biomes a lot of newer players don’t have unlocked yet. The good news is the dish we are covering in this guide is simple and easy. Here is everything you need to know about how to make Tomato Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Cook Tomato Soup in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Tomato Soup
Screenshot via Gamepur

Tomato Soup is a meal that immediately sends thoughts rushing back to my head with me being at home when I was a kid eating the soup with grilled cheese sandwiches made by my mom. Now, players can have this special dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley to gift to all their villagers so they can experience the welcoming warmth of Tomato Soup when they taste it.

This is a very easy recipe to make and only requires one ingredient, which is a single tomato, and then one coal to use the cooking station. Once the tomato goes into the cooking pot and the button to process is pressed, players will then find they successfully made their first bowl of tomato soup.

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With it being a single-ingredient recipe, players won’t get much health restored from the meal. However, it can be gifted to villagers to earn some extra friendship points and boost their levels. Players will earn rewards from each villager the more their level goes up, so this is a useful way to use 1-star recipes. Plus, the dish holds happy memories for many, so it is fun to make and remember those times.