Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Place Multiple Character Houses

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to place multiple character houses of different types, here is how to do it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, candy house

Screenshot by Gamepur

The fifth Disney Dreamlight Valley update brought a new feature to the game that benefits those who love customizing their house with skins. Players can now place multiple character houses around their valley for themselves, meaning the houses they buy from the Premium Shop can be used all at once, even if they haven’t upgraded their house all the way. Here is how to place character houses simultaneously.

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How To Place Multiple Character Houses in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley furniture menu
Screenshot by Gamepur

Players can purchase different types of houses from the Premium Shop which they can use to switch up the look of their main starter house. However, with so many cute house skins, how can we just pick one? Good thing Disney Dreamlight Valley allows for a variety. In the fifth free update for the game, the developers added a brand new feature that allows players to place more than one house.

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The extra houses can be used just as a player’s first house but with brand-new empty rooms. This means if a player wants to take the candy house and turn it into a bakery, they can. Follow the steps below to add more houses to the valley.

  • Open the furniture menu while standing in an open space in the valley.
  • Select the “House” icon like in the picture above.
  • Select one of the houses from the list of ones owned and place it down.

Every house purchased from the Premium Shop will show up in this menu above and can be placed down.

Disney Dreamlight Houses
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once the house is placed, players can access it like any other house and decorate it to their heart’s desire. This opens up so many new possibilities for players to express themselves through decor. That’s everything to know about placing multiple character houses down in Disney Dreamlight Valley.