Does Among Us have crossplay? Answered

Can you play Among Us with your friends on other platforms?

Is there crossplay in Among Us?

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Among Us has become one of the biggest indie games of all time. Though it was first released in 2018 to minimal fanfare, it exploded in popularity in 2020 and has become a certified pop-culture phenomenon. Among Us has been released on multiple platforms since its release, so you’ll want to check if it has crossplay before settling down for a game with friends.

Is Among Us crossplay?

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You can pick up Among Us on almost every platform you can imagine. From every major gaming console to mobile devices to PC, there is almost no way to escape from the marketing machine that is Among Us. There are thousands of players looking to play at any given time, so it is good that Among Us does have crossplay functionality.

That means that no matter what system your friends are playing on, you can create a room together and test the limits of your trust and friendships by trying to sort out who is the imposter. In fact, Among Us has had crossplay since it first launched, as the developers knew that it would be a big factor in attracting more players to the game. Developers Inner Sloth hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down, with a whole host of new content coming in the next year.

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In addition to crossplay, Among Us also supports matches in private and public modes, meaning you can control who joins your games. Sometimes it is fun to play with strangers, but Among Us is certainly at its best when you can play with friends and engage in some light-hearted murder with each other. Just make sure that you pick a good username to help yourself stand out.

The matchmaking for public rooms has improved since Among Us launched. You can filter by languages, maps, and number of Imposters so you can make sure that you’re playing the exact type of game that you’re looking for. Certain modes lend themselves to shorter games, while some maps, like the Airship, can take longer for one side to come out on top.