Is Century: Age of Ashes cross platform/crossplay?

PC gamers will now be able to play with Xbox Series X/S players.


Image via Playwing

In Century: Age of Ashes, you get to ride your dragon and set fire to other dragons ridden by players of three distinct classes, customize your character and dragon to look like dashing knights as you progress, and take part in multiplayer game modes ranging from 3v3 to 6v6 combat. Whether you’re a Windguard, Phantom, or Marauder, you can play solo or with friends, as you fight for survival in the kill or be killed Carnage mode, take the gold from enemy teams and protect it in Spoils of War, and capture the flag in Gates of Fire.

Century: Age of Ashes launched exclusively on PC in December 2021. By now, you’ve been wondering if the game has crossplay. Thankfully, Playwing launched it on Xbox on March 10, 2022, and added the crossplay feature to it on day one, meaning players of both PC and Xbox Series X/S will now be able to play together.

PC and Xbox Series X/S players will even be able to utilize cross-progression, which means they can transfer save data between both platforms. This feature has also been added to the Xbox Series X/S version on day one, thanks to Playwing’s partnership with Microsoft.

Playwing said they’ll port Century: Age of Ashes to other consoles in the near future but hasn’t mentioned which consoles they are. It remains to be seen whether it’ll come to PS5/PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If it does, the developer will hopefully stay true to its word and add crossplay and cross-progression to those versions on day one as well.