Does my CrossfireX beta progress carry over into the full release?

Will my rank remain once the beta has finished?

Does my CrossfireX Xbox One beta progress carry over into the full release?

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CrossfireX will be coming to Xbox One soon. Before it does, the FPS title will be getting a couple of beta tests so that any bugs can be ironed out, matchmaking trialed on Microsoft’s console, and more.

We’ve already covered when the closed and open beta periods will be in this handy guide, but you might be curious to know if your progress will carry over into the full release. Beta progress has been reset after similar events for other games, so will this be the case for CrossfireX too? Let’s find out together.

Will my progress from the CrossfireX Xbox One beta remain after it ends?

In short, no. Your progress will not be carried over from the CrossfireX beta tests on Xbox One. This is true for the closed and open betas, so don’t think your progress will remain depending on which one you take part in.

We know this because of a CrossfireXbeta FAQ posted on the game’s official site. Once the closed beta ends on Wednesday, June 24, and the open beta finishes on Monday, June 29, all progress will be reset on the servers.

This is to prevent any players, who took part in either beta, from having an advantage once the full game is released. It wouldn’t be fair on new CrossfireX gamers to come up against other players who may be at a higher rank or level, so everyone will start from the bottom and work their way up once the full game is released.

One thing that beta players will keep, however, is a token of appreciation for playing either beta. If you take part in the closed or open beta, you’ll be gifted a beta exclusive axe to wield. This will be your way of telling other players that you helped to refine the game pre-launch, but you won’t be able to beat them up by being at a higher rank.