Does Dead by Daylight Mobile have controller support?

Tap for your life.

Dead by Daylight Mobile
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Dead by Daylight Mobile brings the survivor vs. killer mechanics of one the most successful asynchronous multiplayer games of the last decade to mobile devices, so you can get jump-scared on the bus on your way to work.

A hot topic right now is if the game has controller support, so we are going to run through all the information that we have. Unfortunately, at the moment, the game does not feature controller support and is unlikely to do so.

According to a tweet from the official Dead by Daylight Mobile Twitter account, the developers had no plans to include controller support for the game.

While this doesn’t mean that controller support will never come to the game, it is certainly not high on the list of the developer’s priorities. That was back when the game was in beta, so now that it has released, they might find the time to add it to the game, but it depends on what kind of experience they want people to have.

Being able to use controllers on mobile games is an advantage, so they might not want that to interfere with the game’s balance.

While the beta was ongoing, people tried to find various solutions to all the use of a controller, but the results were always poor. It normally centered around pairing a controller with a tablet or phone. However, the controls never seemed to translate well, and you would still need to use the touchscreen for lots of commands like looking around, making controlling your character extremely awkward.

For now, at least, if you want to survive to see the sun come up, you will need to get busy figuring out those touchscreen controls.