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Does Forspoken have new game plus? Answered

Can you save Athia again?

If there is one thing that has become a staple of role-playing games over the years it is new game plus mode. Tons of games have this feature and so it is only natural to assume that Forspoken would be one of the many titles that have this mode. Forspoken is filled with tons of activities for you to complete from side quests to large labyrinths. The big question though is if Forspoken has a new game plus mode. This guide will provide an answer.

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Is there a new game plus mode in Forspoken?

As of writing this, Forspoken does not have a new game plus mode which comes as a bit of a surprise considering the genre of the game. Some might be upset that they cannot go through Athia a second time with tougher enemies, but there is still plenty for you to do in Forspoken once you have completed the game. For starters, you can tackle the mountain of side content called detours.

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Detours are everything from taking on world bosses like the Altered Aiolornis or clearing out the ruins of an old fort. Each of these activities will get you more gear like nails and necklaces or even increase Frey’s stats so they are worth checking out. After completing the game, you will be able to go back into the world of Athia and complete any of these that wasn’t time sensitive.

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Once you have completed the game, you will have more content to explore like additional side quests that only appear after Athia has been saved. The story also continues with Frey going back to areas that you played through during the main campaign so that you can discover a way to get rid of The Break. This part of the story uses the time-travel mechanic that the Monuments to Wisdom use to allow you to replay boss fights.

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