Does Genshin Impact Have Cross-Save & Save Transfer?

Here’s how cross-save and save transfers work in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is available on several platforms, but does cross-save or save transfer functionality exist between them? These features are especially useful in a game where players want to switch between handheld and home systems.

Genshin Impact is available on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, and PS5 systems. This means several operating systems are at play, with more potentially arriving in the future if the Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch port is ever released. As Genshin Impact is a massive title with many quests that eat up time, it would be unfeasible to play it on multiple platforms without retaining progression, as it would devour game time with impunity.

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Are Cross-Save & Save Transfers Possible In Genshin Impact?

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Yes, Genshin Impact does support cross-save and save transfer! This is because Genshin Impact’s content is tied to a HoYoverse account. So long as you have a HoYoverse account, you can play across all platforms and keep your progress and rewards safe. Linking existing Genshin Impact to a PlayStation is a little trickier, as this feature was added after the launch of the PS4 version, but it’s still possible, albeit with some extra steps.

Each version of Genshin Impact has an option to link your game to your HoYoverse account. You can link your mobile account to your PC account via the Account tab in the Options menu. For the PlayStation versions, you’ll need a fresh install of the game, and you will be able to link your PSN and HoYoverse account on the main menu when starting the game.

This is possible due to cloud save functionality, allowing your progress to be carried over to the different iterations of the same game. The only thing that can’t be shared is any platform-exclusive content, as you’ll retain access to this gear, but you can only use it on its respective system. This extends to things like Battle Passes, as they’re restricted to the platform you bought them on.

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The main benefit of using cross-save is the ability to shift between handheld and playing at home. It’s possible to complete some of the more frustrating and time-consuming Genshin Impact tasks while on mobile devices, giving you something to do while on the go. You can then play the game on the big screen when you get home, enjoying the world of Genshin Impact on superior hardware.