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Does Henry die in The Last of Us? Answered

Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for HBO’s The Last of Us episode five.
HBO’s The Last of Us has perfectly captured the essence of what made the game one of the most critically acclaimed titles of all time. Its brilliant cast and their respective performances have all seemingly been taken right out of the video game itself due to their ability to portray the emotions felt in the Naughty Dog creation. A perfect example of this uncanny talent is especially displayed in episode five where a tragic event occurs right at the end of the episode.

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Does Henry die in The Last of Us game?

Yes, Henry does die in the game and his cause of death is largely similar to how it was illustrated in the show. In the game, Henry, Sam, Ellie, and Joel were successfully able to escape the raiders, after which they were finally able to find a place of refuge. Unfortunately, the worst part was yet to come as it was eventually revealed that Sam suffered a Clicker scratch on his ankle due to an earlier encounter.

Come morning, Ellie would then attempt to wake Sam up for some breakfast only to find that he had already turned into a runner. Runner Sam predictably attacks Ellie, prompting Joel to grab a gun in order to protect her.

However, Henry, who is already armed, shoots at Joel in an attempt to protect his brother. Realizing that Sam is too far gone, he eventually shoots him dead. Realizing what he’d done, Henry initially points the gun at Joel, blaming him for what happened. He then turns the gun on himself and pulls the trigger thereby bringing an end to one of the most tragic and climactic arcs in the game.

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How does Henry die in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Yes, Henry does also die in HBO’s The Last of Us and the manner in which he died was almost identical to the game, with the only differences being his dialogue and demeanor. After discovering that Sam had succumbed to the infection and Sam’s subsequent attack on Ellie, Henry would eventually shoot his brother after a brief scuffle with Joel.

The next scene would then display the most obvious difference relative to the game, because instead of panicking and blaming Joel, Henry starts blaming himself instead. After a few seconds, he then points the gun at his head and immediately pulls the trigger.

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