Does Sam die in The Last of Us show? Answered

He didn’t have to say a word to capture our hearts.

Image via HBO

Sam is a small character that makes a big impact in The Last of Us. He builds a quick relationship with Ellie, and since he has to rely on his brother Henry so much, you feel sympathetic to both characters. Sam definitely does not deserve the world that he grew up in. An innocent child should never see the things he had to. In the HBO series, he is deaf, but what about the circumstances of his life? Does Sam die in HBO’s The Last of Us?

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Warning: major spoilers for episode five of HBO’s The Last of Us show ahead.

How does Sam die in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Yes, Sam dies at the end of episode five of HBO’s The Last of Us show. In the encounter with Kathleen’s group, he gets grabbed and bitten by an infected. Although Ellie tries to save him with her blood, that is not how the fungal infection works. He stays up the entire night, hoping that he will be fine in the morning, but by the time Ellie wakes up, he has already turned. When Sam attacks Ellie, Henry grabs a gun and shoots him to save her.

While there are some differences between the character in the game, how he is treated in the latter stages of his presence on the show is largely the same. He is bitten by an infected when swarmed following a raider attack, not a revolutionary army. While he is deaf and has a conversation with Ellie in writing in the show, it is mostly the same conversation, except it is spoken, and he doesn’t reveal to Ellie that he was bitten. When Ellie checks on him in the morning, he attacks her and Henry shoots him.

For anyone new to The Last of Us, you probably had an idea that Henry and Sam would be with Joel and Ellie for the long run. Unfortunately, anyone who played the game had a pretty good idea of how this relationship would end. Henry and Sam are great characters both in the show and the game, and it is awesome to see their story played out so well on screen.