Does Palworld Have A Story? Castaway Journals Explained

Do you have a story in Palworld, and what do they have to do with the Castaway Journals you’re finding while you play?

Find Daedream in Palworld

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When exploring the difficult world of Palworld, the entire region is yours to visit. You have the opportunity to explore this massive region with your Pals, building bases and harvesting a variety of resources, but is there a larger story at work?

Although the primary missions you receive at the beginning of the game provide a small thread of guidance, there’s a lot more happening. This is where the Castaway Journals come in. These journals provide a small amount of details about Palworld and the type of environment you find yourself in with your Pals. It’s not a huge story, but there could be something there with these journal entries. Here’s what you need to know about if Palworld has a story and what the deal is with those Castaway Journals.

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Are Castaway Journals the Story in Palworld?

Castaway Journals in Palworld
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From what I can tell, the Castaway Journals are the story linking together in Palworld and serve as a backdrop to the overall setting. However, from my experience, it’s an open-ended game where you can do nearly anything you want and explore wherever you want to go; it’s up to you to find these Castaway Journals or to happily play the game.

I’ve only been able to locate one of the Castaway Journals, but they appear to be along the pathway leading you forward in Palworld. Some of them are easier to find than others. For those who want to read them, open up your menu while playing Palworld, and then click the “memo” options. This will list out every Castaway Journal and show you how many you have left to collect them all. Each comes with a unique image and description of the story, detailing an adventure of someone else also exploring the world for the first time. It’ll be much easier for you when you track down the glider.

There’s no larger push to find these Castaway Journals, at least not from the overall game. I feel like the developers want to provide them as lore for players who are interested in seeking them out, but a majority of this game is primarily catching Pals, trying to find shiny ones, and building bases throughout the world. Creating multiple worlds is likely encouraged because you can readjust the settings like the day and night cycle, and the Castaway Journals in Palworld are in the same spots.

Because Palworld is in early access, it’s possible more Castaway Journals will be added to the main game as the developers work further on the story. Hopefully, these details and a stronger narrative are woven into the experience for players hungry to learn more.

How Many Palworld Journal Entries Are There?

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There are 39 scattered Journals throughout Palworld’s overworld, each telling a unique story. The Tower Bosses themselves wrote these entries, and when we have more information on the location of these Journals, we’ll add their coordinates below.

Journal EntryCoordinates
Castaway’s Journal – Day XXTBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 0TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 1-1TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 1-2TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 2TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 3TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 5TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 6TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 8TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 10TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 11TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 12-1TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 12-2TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 12-3TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 13TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 15TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 18TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 22TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 25TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 29TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 30TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 32TBD
Castaway’s Journal – Day 38TBD