How To Craft A Glider In Palworld: Crafting Recipe & Pal Skills

Palworld’s open world is massive with plenty of steep cliffs, so players will likely want to craft a glider to help with travel.

palworld glider crafting
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Even with the amount of violence possible in the game, Palworld wouldn’t be a complete open-world survival game if it didn’t include everyone’s favorite traversal mechanic: The Glider. Popularized in 2017’s Breath of the Wild, the ability to freely jump off the face of a cliff, knowing a thin piece of cloth will protect you, has been a mainstay in most open-world games since.

Alas, new Palworld players won’t be able to get their hands on this trusty tool until they level up a bit. Don’t worry, though. The first few levels are easy to breeze through, and you don’t have to get too far or farm too many materials to craft your first glider in Palworld.

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How To Craft A Basic Glider In Palworld

Palworld normal parachute glider

In order to unlock the crafting recipe for the Glider in Palworld, you have to reach player level 5. This will allow players access to an assortment of tools and structures, including the Normal Parachute, which costs one technology point to unlock.

In addition to being a fast and cheap unlock, the recipe itself is fairly simple. Players will need 10 pieces of wood and two pieces of cloth to craft it on a primitive crafting bench. Cloth is made from wool, which you can farm by killing/catching Lamballs, or farming Lamballs at a Ranch.

How To Craft A Mega Glider In Palworld

Palworld mega glider

The Mega Glider is a step up from Palworld’s Normal Parachute. It allows you to glider farther and faster, but don’t expect to cross canyons with ease. Players will need to reach level 18 and cough up two technology points to unlock the crafting recipe.

The recipe is almost as simple as the basic glider, with the added step of farming bones. To craft the Mega Glider, players will need to use a High Quality Workbench and have 50 pieces of wood, 20 pieces of cloth, and ten bones. Bone can be farmed by killing or catching Rushroar, which can be found early on in the region directly west of the starting island.

How To Craft A Giga Glider in Palworld

Palworld giga glider

The recipe for Palworld’s final man-made glider can be unlocked once players reach level 40. That’s already quite the grind, but so collecting all of the materials to craft this luxury Giga Glider.

Players will need 20 Refined Ingots, 100 pieces of wood, 20 pieces of carbon fiber, and 10 pieces of High Quality Cloth. Yowzers! And it needs to be crafted in a Production Line Factory.

Using Pals As Gliders in Palworld

Palworld glider skills

Starting with a man-made glider is all well and good, but players may want to spice up their adventuring by using one of their beloved pals to fall through the sky. Note we didn’t say “soar” as there are several Pals that you can use to actually fly around the skies.

As there are over 100 Pals in Palworld, and we’ve only seen a few dozen at this point, we can’t provide a full list of Pals that can be used as a glider. But as you encounter pals, more recipes in the Technology Tree will appear that allow you to craft key items for some of your Pals.

For example, Celaray has a recipe called Celaray’s Gloves that allows you to hold onto its fins and gently glide after jumping.