Does The Cycle: Frontier have controller support? Answered

Know which way to play.

The Cycle Frontier AI enemies creatures

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The Cycle: Frontier is a PvEvP title that tasks players with dropping onto the planet Fortuna III in search of lost riches and pieces of aliens. It’s a first-person shooter and therefore comes with its own finicky control settings. Some people don’t like playing PC games with a mouse and keyboard, though, which is why we’ve put together this guide to explain if The Cycle: Frontier has controller support.

Can you use a controller?

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The Cycle: Frontier has full controller support and allows you to play using a mouse and keyboard, controller, or a combination of both. You can use a wired or wireless Xbox controller for the most part and then swap to your mouse and keyboard for more accurate clicking in menus. We’ve found that the controller works rather well when fighting for your life on Fortuna III, but it’s not the best for inventory management back on the space station. The cursor can drift quite fiercely past whatever button you’re trying to push, making for an annoying game of pin the cursor on the button.

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How to fix the controller not working properly

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The Cycle: Frontier launched with pretty poor controller support, but it has it nonetheless. However, there have been times when we’ve noticed that our cursor has disappeared entirely or transformed into a mouse cursor despite the controller being in use. If you experience any issues like this or see your mouse disappear as soon as you try to move it in a menu, back out of the menu you were in, then interact with it again. This should cause your cursor to reappear. If it doesn’t, back out of the menu again, jump a few times, then go back in. We believe this kicks the game into registering that you’re using a controller and forces it to present you with the correct cursor.