Don’t Lose Your Mind – How to get into Delamain HQ – Cyberpunk 2077

Delamain needs some help.

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Image via CD Projekt Red

In the Don’t Lose Your Mind mission, you will need to help the Delamain AI who thinks he is under attack from a virus. First, head to Delamain HQ and you will find the doors are broken, and you need to find another way in. Make your way to the right of the building.

Down the alley, you will find a door that you can enter if you have a high enough Technical ability. If not, make your way around the back and climb on the roof, then open the hatch and climb inside.

Head to the waypoint and you will find a console that needs a code. The code for this is 1234, hardly a complex security system. Go to the local network tab in the console, and open the double doors. Now, disconnect and go through the doors. The next room has a fully electrified floor, so you will need to shoot the drone that is firing a laser at the door in front of you.

Go through that door and you will find a car going up and down in a hydraulic life. Jump on it, then turn around and jump across to the small platform in front of you. Jump to the next area and you will see a gap in the wall to your right. Climb through this.

Drop down onto a pipe, then follow the stairs and the walkway all the way around until you come to another door. Go inside and you will find another hatch in the floor that you can drop down through. You will find a car that you push out into the main area that will act as a safe zone from the electrified floor. Jump to it, then jump directly across into the machine bay with the lasers in it.

They won’t hurt you, and you can duck under the car in there and take a right. Here you will find a ladder that leads to another walkway and you can follow it all the way around to a room with all the rogue Delamain cars that you found during the previous mission for the AI.

Ignore them and head along the left of the room, jump onto the platform and then head up to the walkway. Don’t go into the next room, instead, look up and right. You will see another gap you can get through. Go through here then climb through a hole in the wall on the far side. Drop down inside and you will be on top of the control room. This glass roof has a hole in the center that you can drop down through.

Head through the control room door into the room that houses the AI, and now you will have a choice to make. You basically have three options, but only two if your hacking skills are not high enough.

  • Destory the AI Core
  • Reboot the AI Core
  • Merge all the AIs together

If you destroy the AI core, all the other AIs will be free. This will destroy the original Delamain that you have been working with. After all the AIs leave the building, one car will remain. This is the Excelsior, the original car from the Heist mission, and it will be added to your collection.

Rebooting the core will reset Delamain, and he will no longer remember you. All the other AIs will be destroyed. The new Delamain will only know that you effectively saved the AI, and will gift you a car.

Merging all the AIs will pretty much cause Delamain to evolve. He will say he has to leave and will give you a present, a car with a Delamin Jr AI in it. No matter what you do, you will get a car from the mission, and the original Delamain will be gone, so the choice is up to you.