You Can Now Dumpling on Your Enemies in Fortnite as Bao Bros


Many months ago, the Bao Bros skin for Fortnite was leaked, and now it has finally arrived in the game. The Bao Bros skin comes with four different styles for 1500 V-Bucks, Fortnite’s premium currency. They are some gorgeous looking skins, and getting four for the price of one is quite the deal.

Bao Bros

The Bao Bros are based on Bao dumplings, and each Bro has its color, style, and outfit. How long they will remain in the item shop is anyone’s guess, but you might want to jump on the chance to get them soon, as it can take a long time for items to cycle through the shop once they are gone.

Getting the Bao Bros skin is easy, visit the item shop in the game and part with some of your V-Bucks. The lucky ones will already have some earned from their Battle Pass. If you are out of V-Bucks, you’ll need to get the 2800 V-Bucks pack for $24.99. You will also get the Bao Basket Back Bling in the set. The way the community has been waiting for these skins, I expect to see a lot of Bao Bros in the game today.

Remember, Winterfest is still on-going in Fortnite, so if you have challenges that you need to do to get some free loot, you will need to get those wrapped up by Jan. 7 when the event will end. We have guides for each of the challenges to help you wrap them up as quickly as possible.