Where to Get Eliminations at Risky Reels, Fort Crumpet, or Hydro 16 in Fortnite: Battle Royale


For Fortnite’s Rippley Vs. Sludge mission, you will need to get eliminations at Fort Crumpet, Risky Reels, and Hydro 16. All these locations are Landmarks, so they are not marked on the map. We know where they all are and have marked them on the map below for you.

Risky Reels, Fort Crumpet, Hydro 16 Locations

  • FC – Fort Crumpet
  • RR – Risky Reels
  • H16 – Hydro 16

Risky Reels

Risky Reels is a popular location in Fortnite and is one of the areas that was brought back in Chapter 2. It can now be found close to the center of the map, to the west of Frenzy Farm.

Hydro 16

Hydro 16 can be found to the east of Slurpy Swamp and is right beside the giant hydro-electric dam.

Fort Crumpet

Fort Crumpet can be found to the north-west of Sweaty Sands and is a great location to start one of this week’s other challenges where you need to get Gold Scavenger Medals.

You only need to get five eliminations, and they can happen at any of the Landmarks, so you can get all five of them in the same location if you get lucky. I would suggest Risky Reels for this challenge, as it seems to be the busiest area right now. Hydro 16 tends to have medium player traffic, but that might kick up a bit while people are doing this challenge. Fort Crumpet tends to be very quiet, so it may not be the best place to hunt for eliminations.