How to Find Shroud Cores in Enshrouded

Players will build their bases to new heights in Enshrouded so long as they have the Shroud Cores, a uncommon resource.

Enshrouded Shroud Cores

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Dive into the dark-infested depths of the world in Enshrouded. This survival game takes on a fantastical twist to survival games with monsters that look like they came out of Resident Evil and materials players will have to risk their lives to find. To survive, players will need to find special materials like Shroud Cores.

Shroud Cores are an important resource in the game of Enshrouded. However, obtaining the key material won’t be easy, as the world is filled with danger. However, once players find their first Shroud Core, and gain a little crafting help, the entire game world opens up. Here is how to find your first Shroud Core.

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Where to Find Shroud Cores in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Boss Fights
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Shroud Cores will drop after defeating Shroud monster bosses. I found my first Shroud Core in Enshrouded after defeating the Thunderbrute boss guarding the source of the Shroud at the very bottom of the Shroud Well near the starting point of the game.

When facing off with these bosses, make sure to have plenty of time left to be in the Shroud or have a Shroud Survival Flask to extend the resistance time. Be sure to equip good armor before hunting Shroud Cores, and know that the bosses will require combat finesse including quick dodging and striking. Blocking will not prevent damage being dealt. The bonus of this fight is the giant weapon players will be able to snatch once the boss is down.

Creating Shroud Cores With Alchemy in Enshrouded

There is an easier way to collect Shroud Cores if grinding boss fights is taking too long. Players will need to locate and bring back the Alchemist Balthazar, who is hidden in an ancient vault. Once players can craft with his help, they will be able to make Shroud Cores with 10x Shroud Spores and 10x Shroud Liquid which can be collected by either killing Shroud monsters or cutting down Shroud plants within the bigger Shroud area in the gorge under the bridge.

What are Shroud Cores Used For in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Flame Alter
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Shroud Cores are used for updating the base using the Flame Alter in Enshrouded. Players must bring one Shroud Core to make that first upgrade. This will allow players to build on a wider area and expand their bases. The number of Shroud Cores needs to increase the base size will grow along with the base level. Thanks to the ability to make Shroud Cores with the Alchemist, players will be able to quickly upgrade their bases to form majestic strongholds.

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