Every Legendary Mercy skin in Overwatch 2

Every legendary skin for the guardian angel.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy is one of the best support heroes in Overwatch 2. Almost all of her contribution is based on resurrection, healing, and strengthening. This makes her a formidable hero in almost all kinds of situations. Her Caduceus Staff is immensely important in healing and boosting teammates’ health with the Resurrect ability giving a chance to resurrect a teammate. As such, Mercy is an extremely beneficial part of any team.

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All Legendary Mercy Skins in Overwatch 2

Mercy has in-total thirteen legendary skins in Overwatch 2 currently. Most of them need to be purchased through Legacy Coins. The remaining are available in the in-game store during certain seasonal events.

Sigrún (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sigrún is a legendary skin based on the mythological Norse Valkyrie. The unique medieval Nordic design makes Mercy stand out, unlike any other character.

Valkyrie (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Valkyrie is based on the mythological Valkyries in Norse mythology. It has the same design as the Sigrún skin except it goes for a more brownish look and Mercy has blonde hair.

Devil (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

If players are feeling evil and mischievous, then the Devil skin for Mercy is a perfect choice. The red and black color schemes make Mercy look devilishly stunning.

Imp (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Imp skin has the same kind of design as the Devil skin, except it looks more sinister. Here, the white, black and purple color schemes work amazingly.

Winged Victory (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Winged Victory gives Mercy a more Greek goddess look with the amazing dress design and distinctive ornaments.

Witch (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another legendary skin for players who are for a bit of mischief and some sorcery on the side is the Witch skin. This is a perfect skin to equip during the Halloween season as well.

Sugar Plum Fairy (Winter Wonderland Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Sugar Plum Fairy skin gives out the perfect fairy vibe for Mercy, especially during the winter. The purple and bluish color schemes match perfectly with her green hair color too.

Seolbim (Lunar New Year Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Seolbim skin is the ultimate skin for Mercy to equip during Lunar New Year celebrations. On that note, her shoes are seriously killer.

Zhuque (Lunar New Year Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another great skin for the Lunar New Year is the Zhuque skin. This one has a more exotic and distinct design than the Seolbim, particularly with its combination of different shades of red and orange.

Combat Medic Ziegler (Archives Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Combat Medic Ziegler skin shows Mercy during her time as a combat medic. This is one of the more detailed legendary skins for her as it is akin to what she stands for and believes in.

Dragoon (Anniversary Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mercy fully embraces her inner fire with the Dragoon skin that has a green color scheme and scaly design. The head ornament for this skin is especially stunning.

Mage (Anniversary Remix Event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Mage skin has the same kind of design as the Witch skin except it fully embraces the white and blue color schemes. Not to mention, Mercy looks extremely elegant here and resembles an adventurer of sorts.

Miko (Battle Pass Season 1 Tier 50)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Miko skin has a definite exotic and festive look with a white and red color scheme. It gives Mercy a distinctly royal and elegant look, especially with her head ornament.