Every legendary Orisa skin in Overwatch 2

She has you covered.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Orisa is a large, four-legged, mechanical Tank Hero in Overwatch 2. She’s armed with a javelin that she can throw, using it to pin enemies to walls, or spin, creating a defensive shield in front of her. While she’s an extremely tough Tank, she also suits an aggressive, attacking play style.

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All Legendary Orisa skins in Overwatch 2

All of Orisa’s legendary skins currently require the spending of Legacy Coins, and some of them are only available during specific seasonal events.

Immortal (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A gold and blue skin with a distinctly ancient Egyptian feel.

Dynastinae (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A blue and orange skin with lots of claws and spikes and horns and stuff.

Megasoma (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Similar to Dynistae, but with a gold and purple color scheme.

Carbon Fiber (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The black and bright green color scheme gives this skin a classic Matrix-esque, cyberpunk feel. 

Protector (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is the same as Carbon Fiber, but with white instead of black.

Referee (Summer Games event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This comical skin gives Orisa the appearance of an NFL football referee, complete with stripy shirt and cap, mic headset, and a little score counter on her “belt buckle.”

Demon (Halloween Terror event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This hellish skin makes Orisa look a lot like something you might encounter in a game from the Doom series.

Reindeer (Winter Wonderland event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Given that she has four legs, it was pretty much inevitable that Orisa would get to be a reindeer during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Bull Demon (Lunar New Year event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This skin is inspired by the Bull Demon King, a character from the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West.

Null Sector (Archives event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

While Orisa’s base model is kinda organic in its shape, this blocky black and purple skin make her look 100% robotic.

Forest Spirit (Anniversary event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the other hand, this skin replaces Orisa’s metal armor with what looks like wood. It’s much tougher than wood, though.