Every legendary Winston skin in Overwatch 2

Nobody can ape this style.

Image via Activision Blizzard

As one of Overwatch’s original tank heroes, Winston has amassed a fairly large collection of skins from various different events. Quite a few of his legendary skins, in particular, take advantage of his unconventional shape to turn him into different mythical animals.

You can unlock Winston’s legendary skins in a few different ways. You can purchase some with Overwatch Coins, and if you had currency left over from an old Overwatch account, some can also be purchased using Legacy Credits. A few are only available at limited times when they happen to be featured in the game’s new rotating shop. It’s also inevitable that at some point a few Winston skins will show up in a season battle pass, although Season 1’s pass doesn’t have any in it.

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All legendary Winston skins in Overwatch 2


Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the skins from the Summer Games seasonal event, this counterpart to Zenyatta’s Pitcher legendary skin imagines Winston as a rather intimidating presence behind the plate.


Screenshot by Gamepur

This skin has been around for quite a while, and it decks Winston out in some gear fit for an expedition into uncharted territory.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Another longstanding Winston skin, Frogston gives us a look at what a primate’s wetsuit would look like, complete with goggles and oxygen tanks.


Screenshot by Gamepur

This Gargoyle skin, originally from the Anniversary event, would be just as fitting during a Halloween event, with its tarnished stone look and stained-glass panels.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Safari skin is similar to its counterpart, the Explorer, but it uses a brighter, less serious color palette featuring a striped blue shirt.

Specimen 28

Screenshot by Gamepur

Specimen 28, originally from the Archives event, gives us a glimpse at a younger Winston, as he might have been seen during his time as a test subject on the Horizon Lunar Colony.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The counterpart to the Frogston skin, this wetsuit is distinguished by its striking orange and white color palette and Overwatch branding.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Originally from the Halloween seasonal event, this particularly hairy Werewolf skin is one of the most drastic overhauls to Winston’s appearance we’ve seen.


Screenshot by Gamepur

This gold-embellished skin was originally released during the Lunar New Year event, and it reimagines Winston as the legendary Monkey King.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Originally from the Winter Wonderland event, this snow-covered Winston skin was also featured in the limited-time Yeti Hunt mode from the same event.