Every seasonal event in Fallout 76 and when to expect them

Holiday cheers, everyone!

Image via Bethesda

If you are a fan of Fallout 76, you are probably aware that there are seasonal events. Almost any game that is updated regularly has a few seasonal events that pop up during the holidays. Seasonal events started during the Nuclear Winter update and have continued to this day, with special events happening during certain times of the year, but when can you expect them to arrive?

Meat Week

Perhaps the most well-known seasonal event in Fallout 76 is Meat Week, hosted by everyone’s favorite vendor, Grahm. This event brings in two events; Primal Cuts and Grahm’s Meat Cook. These events require you to gather prime cuts of meat from the wildlife and Appalachia before cooking it in one big festival that also gets you a large number of rewards. This event tends to happen in the middle of August each year.

Bombs Drop

Image via Bethesda

The Bombs Drop event for Fallout is a commemorative event to celebrate the day the bombs fell in the world of Fallout. While it was a dark day for humanity, the event comes with many discounts on the game and even free trials. During this event, you can expect a surplus of Scrip, a sale on the Purveyor’s goods, and a bonus on both Score and XP. This event takes place around October 23.

Deathclaw Easter Egg Hunt

The Deathclaw Easter Egg Hunt was a time of joy and celebration, along with collecting eggs from deadly beasts. Those who joined the event could receive a Deathclaw Egg daily from the Atomic Shop. Collecting all six eggs would grant you a seventh egg on the event’s last day. This event first popped up in 2019 and again in 2021. If the pattern continues, you might see the event appear again in April 2023.

Fasnacht Day

Image via Bethesda

One of the older events in Fallout 76 is the Fasnacht Day event. This seasonal event brings in the Fasnacht Parade activity that you can accomplish to help bring in the spring. Join the Master of Ceremonies when they return in the early spring. The last event took place in February 2022 and is expected to come back again in February 2023.

Holiday Scorched

It is a special time of year when the Scorched decide to dress up in their festival attire and bring presents to share with the Vault Dwellers. Take down the dressed-up Scorched enemies to receive presents and obtain goodies that you can use in your base, destroy for scrap, or learn to create your own items. Get into the holiday spirit by wrapping your own gifts for others. This event started in the winter during December but has since moved to the end of March. You can most likely expect it to come in March 2023.

Spooky Scorched

Image via Bethesda

The Scorched are ready for Halloween. Like the Holiday Scorched event, these enemies come dressed in their finest attire. They can be seen wearing everything from mummy costumes to skeleton maks. Spooky Scorched are always considered legendary enemies and have a chance to drop the outfit they are wearing. This event is a great way to add some new clothing to your character’s wardrobe. You can expect this event to come back to the wastelands in October.