Every skull in Halo Infinite and what they do

You’ll have to look carefully for each skull.

Skulls have been a staple of the Halo series since they debuted in Halo 2, and they return once again in Halo Infinite. These collectible items carry a diverse range of effects. Some add visual effects to headshots, some adjust the behavior of enemy AI, and others significantly alter certain gameplay mechanics. Equipping these can add an extra layer of challenge and/or silliness to your time spent exploring Zeta Halo.

There are 12 skulls to be found in Halo Infinite. There are quite a few skulls that can only be found in certain story missions. There is currently no way to replay missions in Halo Infinite; these skulls will be rendered unobtainable if you did not acquire them before completing the level. Below is a list of each skull and what they do; missable skulls are bolded.

  • Boom skull: Doubles the blast radius of explosions.
  • Cowbell skull: Makes objects caught in explosions fly away faster than before.
  • IWHBYD skull: Short for “I would have been your daddy,” this classic skull makes enemies more likely to spout out humorous lines during combat.
  • Fog skull: Disables your motion tracker, forcing you to rely solely on your sight and hearing during combat.
  • Blind skull: Gets rid of the UI and turns Master Chief’s hands/weapon invisible.
  • Catch skull: Enemies throw and drop grenades more often.
  • Black Eye skull: Upon taking damage, your shields won’t recharge until you’ve hit an enemy with a melee attack.
  • Famine skull: Weapons dropped by enemies have half ammo.
  • Thunderstorm skull: Every enemy ranks up to give you an extra challenge.
  • Mythic skull: Enemies have more health.
  • Grunt Birthday Party Skull: Headshots on Grunts yield celebratory explosions complete with confetti and cheering.
  • Bandana skull: Likely a reference to Metal Gear Solid’s Infinity Bandana, this skull grants you an infinite supply of ammo and grenades.