Everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 – rumors, leaks, and more

It’ll be out of this world.

With Season 7 of Fortnite just around the corner, it is time to round up all the rumors, leaks, and news about what might be coming our way. As always, nothing here has been confirmed by Epic Games, who are keeping as many secrets as they can.

The season is due to begin on June 7/8, and will more than likely follow an event and some downtime. Once again, Epic have no said anything yet, this is simply going off previous seasons.

They’re Coming

One of the central aspects of Season 7 would appear to be aliens. We have already seen lots of “They’re coming” ads appear on social media, people are being abducted in their matches, and there are pictures of aliens appearing in places like Sweaty Sands. So yes, aliens are on the way.

Leaked Skins

Lots of rumors around various leaked skins including more NBA collabs, Ariana Grande, The Rock, and Lady Gaga. Frankly, after this season’s Neymar collab, anything seems possible.

Map Changes

As always, the map will be changing, but we have no idea what the extent of those changes will be. It seems safe to assume they will be relatively minor, as they were last season. Dramatic map changes seem to have become more of a Chapter event rather than a seasonal one. Alien structures seem likely, and it would be great to see some alien version of established locations. The majority of the playerbase also seems to hope that Coral Castle gets changed in some way. The area, while interesting, doesn’t seem to have won many fans in the game.

The coming days will undoubtedly contain lots of leaks, rumors, and teasers, so we will be keeping this article updated as more is revealed.