Everything we learned about Ghost of Tsushima during the State of Play live stream

Ghost of Tsushima is beyond gorgeous, and brutal.

Ghost of Tsushima

Screengrab via Sucker Punch

On May 14, a State of Play live stream occupied with developer Sucker Punch Productions showing off Ghost of Tsushima. We learned several details and things about the upcoming game. It will release on July 17 for the PlayStation 4. The main character that all players control is named Jin.


Screengrab via Sucker Punch Productions

For those who were ready to play a Samurai movie, you’re in for a treat. Ghost of Tsushima features a slow-motion, accurate system of combat where players can expect every blade stroke to count during an encounter. Jin’s strokes are slow, brutal, and methodical; he deliberately strikes at his enemies and cuts them down in a manner of seconds when he catches an opening.

The combat in the game is brutal. Jin’s armor can only protect him so much, as he demonstrates during the live stream as the player in the game cuts down opponents with a single, well-placed strike. Jin will have several weapons available to him, such as a katana and a bow.

You can expect to dodge, parry, and avoid strikes during combat. Taking a hit from one of these bladed weapons means Jin will take a heavy amount of damage, and while Jin can block weapons using his sword, it may not be the best way to win a battle. To optimize your damage in battle, you will have the chance to change stances during combat to influence the damage you inflict on different enemies.


Screengrab via Sucker Punch Productions

Much like combat, stealth is another aspect of gameplay where timing is everything. Jin will have a variety of tools available to him to give him an edge during this portion of the game. The more variety of tools you have, such as wind chimes, firecrackers, and smoke bombs, the more opportunities you create to ambush your enemy.

Jin will make use of a smaller blade to assassinate enemies that have not noticed him, instantly taking them out. He will be able to walk across roofs and chain assassinate clustered enemies who are too close together.

When spotted by enemies, you don’t immediately go into combat. You can use smoke bombs to confuse enemies, assassinate them, or use a kunai knife to take them out instantly. Fear is also an important part of the stealth, where if an enemy watches you taking out someone in a brutal manner, they are likely to run away.


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Screengrab via Sucker Punch Productions

You can modify how your Jin looks based on the type of gameplay style. For example, if you prefer heavier combat and using more frontal attacks using your sword, you can expect to see Jin wearing armor. For those who prefer stealth, he may have darker clothing and demon-like masks that can intimidate opponents who see you in the shadows.

Over time, you can discover different dye flowers all over the island. By collecting them, you unlock new color combinations to use in the game to match Jin’s out to your preferred options. The same goes for his armor modifications and overall look.

Graphics and Customization

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Screengrab via Sucker Punch Productions

You can modify how the game looks and the overall atmosphere of Ghost of Tsushima. Yes, this goes beyond the traditional graphics settings in most games. You can change the coloration of the game to make it look like an old-school Samurai movie by making everything black and white. You can also modify the wind’s speed, direction, the number of flower petals flying through the air, the different kinds of particles moving through the air, and much more.

While roaming around the game, you also have the option to change the music you hear in the background. When fighting something or engaging in a particular portion of the game, you can find a music style that feels much more fitting and enjoyable for you in the game’s menu.

Traveling and Exploring

Screengrab via Sucker Punch Productions

When you’re out playing through the world of Ghost of Tsushima, you will want to use a waypoint to find your next quest location. Instead of a direct, bright indicator showing you where to go, you can make use of the wind. When you place a waypoint on a location on the map of where you’d like to go, the wind starts to blow in that direction, much like an arrow would be pointing to your next destination. 

On the upper left portion of the screen, there is an indicator showing how far away you are from your target, also giving you a good idea of how long it will take to reach a place. When you reach that destination and reveal a new location on the map, you can access that area later in the game using the fast travel system.

You won’t have to reach those destinations on foot. Jin will have a horse readily available to him, making travel a cinematic experience, especially for those who play with the Ghost of Tsushima‘s graphics and environmental features. There’s also a photo mode, giving you access to taking pictures of the game whenever you see a breathtaking shot.

Ghost of Tsushima releases to the PlayStation 4 on July 17. You can pre-order your copy today, and it comes in a standard, special, and collector’s edition.