How to get the Charm of Deadly Return in Ghost of Tsushima

Gain even more of an advantage from throwing items.


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Among all the new Charms and challenges added to Ghost of Tsushima with the Iki Island expansion, the Charm of Deadly Return may be one of the best. This item transforms how you’ll use your throwing items, making you far more deadly in battle. However, you have to earn it first. This guide covers how you can get the Charm of Deadly Return for yourself.

How to get the Charm of Deadly Return

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You can earn the Charm of Deadly Return for yourself by completing one of the side missions on Iki Island: Caretakers of the Eagle. Jin will hear about a monk who has sided with The Eagle early on in the story. Follow this quest, and you’ll find the temple this monk is based at, where all the locals serve the temple and The Eagle by keeping it clean, protecting Mongol supplies, and holding prisoners who haven’t bent to The Eagle’s will yet.

You’ll need to enter the temple disguised as one of the caretakers there to uncover the locations of all the prisoners. When you have, you’ll then need to wait until nightfall to kill all the Mongol soldiers who have come to prepare the temple for further occupation. We found that it was best to use stealth as much as possible because the enemies can become overwhelming otherwise.

The final part of this mission is unexpected, seeing Jin and the monk share a moment as Jin realizes that the monk is only serving The Eagle because he too is plagued by the nightmarish poison she inflicts on the island. Once the final cutscene is over, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with the Charm of Deadly Return. The Charm allows you to recover ammo for the currently equipped quickfire weapon after you use iron will.