Everything you need to know about the Sundering Glare mod in Destiny 2

For whom the bell tolls.

Image via Bungie

As seen in previous seasons, powerful mods for weapons and armor can be found within the season’s respective artifacts. Sundering Glare is one such artifact mod introduced with Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen with the Bell of Conquests seasonal artifact. This guide will go over how to acquire and utilize this mod for optimal efficiency.

Keep in mind that you will need to level up your artifact quite a bit in order to acquire this mod for use. This can be done by earning experience from completing bounties for vendors and activities such as Crucible, Gambit, Strikes, and Nightfalls.

Where to find Sundering Glare

Screenshot by Gamepur

To locate this mod, enter your inventory and head down to the bottom left corner where the Bell of Conquests artifact is located. Inspecting the artifact will present you with a menu of all of this season’s artifact mods. All the way on the right-hand side of the mod menu (second from the bottom), you will find the Sundering Glare mod.

How to equip

To access this mod, you must have first leveled up the Bell of Conquests. Once this has been completed, you will find that this mod boasts a pretty substantial energy requirement at 6. Meaning that you will need to upgrade your class item to level 6 before you can equip it.

How to use Sundering Glare

The mod reads, “Rapid precision hits against distant combatants weaken them for a short duration.” While in a ‘weakened’ state, enemies will take 20% extra damage from all sources. With that in mind, we have found that utilizing this mod with precision-based weapons such as scout rifles, bows, sniper rifles, and hand cannons to be the most reliable and effective.

Best weapon to use

Since this mod pairs so nicely with precision-based weapons, we have found that one weapon, in particular, works beautifully with this mod; the new exotic scout rifle Dead Man’s Tale.

Sundering Glare pairs excellently with Dead Man’s Tale most when the weapon’s intrinsic perk Cranial Spike is active. Together with the mod’s effect, enemies will be dropping left and right after granting them the gift of a bullet between the eyes.