Fae Farm: How to Complete Petal Bloom Festival

Don’t miss out on the spring Petal Bloom Festival in Fae Farm. Here is how to find and craft flowery decorations.

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Each Fae Farm season ends with a vibrant festival celebrating its unique charm. Spring concludes with the Petal Bloom Festival, adorning the town with a burst of floral decor. Merrit will send you a letter a few days prior, listing your tasks: sow 15 flower seeds and craft 3 flower-inspired decorations.

Obtaining seeds from Rosalind and planting them is straightforward, but crafting flower-themed furniture might pose a challenge if you lack matching blueprints. This guide will help you find a décor furniture blueprint to complete the second quest in the Petal Bloom Festival.

How to Craft a Decorative Item Made With Flowers in Fae Farm

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To celebrate the end of spring, the whole town must be decorated with flowers. That includes your farm, too. To complete this second part of the festival quest, build and place 3 flower-themed decorative items.

This bit was tricky because I had no furniture recipes with flowers. Since the quest was time-gated, I panicked and searched everywhere for furniture with flowers. However, purchasing furniture from vendors won’t help you complete the Petal Bloom Festival quest in Fae Farm. All that’s left is to find a blueprint that meets the description.

How To Find Decorative Flower Blueprints in Fae Farm

To find a blueprint for a decorative item with flowers, head to the waterfall near the farm and inspect the rocky area to the left. This will unlock the Happy Fish Vase with cute cyan flowers.

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Once this recipe has been found, head back home, open the Construction menu, head to the Decor tab, and grab a Happy Fish Vase. Each costs 5 plant fibers and 1 glass. Build and place three of these around the house. Personally, I just dropped them anywhere for quest purposes. You can remove them later if you change your mind. Enjoy your 10 Magenta Trillium Seeds as a reward and at the end of the spring festival.