How to Start Fae Farm’s DLC: Coasts of Croakia

To become pals with all the frogs, we will need to start the Fae Farm Coasts of Croakia DLC first – here is how to dive in.

Go to Archi-Pal-igo Fae Farm

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In Fae Farm, you were introduced to critter catching with a net. Now, with Fae Farm’s Coasts of Croakia DLC, you’ll be charming these critters with a flute so they become your friends.

Coasts of Croakia promises to deliver some fun extra content, new NPCs, and frogs. Lots of frogs. While I’m sure Argyle is thrilled, I found my welcome to the DLC a bit dizzying. Though the team has added a nice introduction to Coasts of Croakia in the main menu, it’s unclear how to access the new content in the game. In this guide, I’ll show you how to start the DLC in Fae Farm.

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How to Update Fae Farm on Switch

Update Fae Farm DLC
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To update Fae Farm on Switch, locate Fae Farm in your library, press the (+) button, and look for the option “Software Update.” Select it, and then choose “Via the Internet.” The Fae Farm update should start downloading right away.

How to Update Fae Farm on Steam

To update Fae Farm on Steam, head to your Steam “Library” and look for Fae Farm on your list of games on the left side. Once found, click on Fae Farm and look for the blue “Update” button under the game’s banner. This will prompt Fae Farm to update to its latest version, which will include the DLC if you’ve bought the Deluxe Version.

How to Start The Fae Farm DLC After Updating

Start DLC Fae Farm
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Once you’ve updated Fae Farm, it’s time to start the Croakia DLC. Head outside your home and check your mailbox to find out you’ve won a free, all-inclusive trip to Archi-pal-igo, the Ocean’s premiere Critter attraction. Or so Lem says.

If you haven’t received any mail yet, just go to sleep and wake up, and you’ll get a new mail from Lem first thing in the morning.

Go to Archi-Pal-igo Fae Farm
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To start the trip to Archi-pal-igo, head to Fae Farm’s Stay A While Bay. This place is located in the bottom left corner of the map. To Eddy’s Lighthouse left you will find your new froggy buddy, Grenu. By interacting with them and hopping on their portal mouth, they will take you to Archi-pal-igo, where the Croakia DLC takes place.

This bit can be a bit confusing. You need to speak with Grenu and complete the Dear Occupant quest first. Then, select interact with them again, select the option “Open Mouth” from the NPC menu on the right, and once you see that blue portal on his mouth, just jump right in.