Family Heirloom gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Keep it in the family.

Cyberpunk 2077

The Family Heirloom gig is a mission you can run for Rogue in Cyberpunk 2077. You will need to break into a 6th Street hideout in order to recover a Samurai bootleg recording. You can also recover a car as an optional objective.

You can find the gig on Crocket Street in the Charter Kill area of Westbrook. The hideout is actually an underground parking garage with multiple potential points of entry.

The easiest way to get in is through the open door down the ramp at the side of the parking garage. This is covered by a camera, and there is a guard patrolling, making it awkward.

On the street level, there are multiple doors that you should be able to get through. Some will require a good Technical skill, while others will rely on your Body stat, so hopefully, you have something in your build that can help you.

The best door is actually the one that requires 13 Body stat to get through. This will lead to a stairwell the runs down to a door that is right beside the room you need to enter. You will need to deal with some cameras on the way, however.

There is a single guard in the room where the bootleg is stored, so you can distract them very easily using a Quickhack, then sneak in and take them out. Grab the bootleg and then look out the window on the right side of the room. You will be able to see the car you need to take in a workshop, all silver and red paint.

Sneak out and jump in the car, then gun the engine and leave as fast as you can. Nobody will follow you, and you can take the car to the drop off point about 1.5 kilometers away. Drop the car off on the street below the walkway, then head up to talk to the client and give him the bootleg. After that, all you need to do is pick up your payment at the nearby dropoff point.