Far Cry 5 – How To Get The Magnopulser

While Far Cry 5 might be set in the real world, it also embraces some of the stranger stereotypes of rural America. From the idea that absolutely everyone has a small arsenal hidden on their property, to mad scientists, Far Cry 5 can send you on some odd adventures. One of those adventures involves aliens, teleportation and a whole lot of electricity. If you make it the whole way to the end of the series of missions, you will also get a neat gun.

How To Get The Magnopulser

In Fall’s End you will be able to find a guy called Larry. When you first come across him, he has fallen victim to one of his own experiments. You need to free him by following the thick blue cables on the ground and shutting down the three generators. Do this to complete the “Free Larry” mission.

Larry's House
Larry’s HouseTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Up next, in “The Hero’s Journey” mission, you need to help Larry destroy some dishes at the top of a communications tower. When you climb up to take them out, Larry will show up in a helicopter to help you out. Grapple to the helicopter to be able to take out the last three dishes.

After you have completed that, Larry will offer you the “Close Encounters” mission, where you need to head to a local crop circle to collect some odd looking alien artifacts. Be careful while doing this, all wildlife in the area will be extra angry and even the turkeys will attack you. Editor’s note: Turkeys are always in a pissy mood! Round up all four pieces, then head back to Larry for the final mission.

For the last part, “Out of this World”, you need to help Larry by diverting power from a nearby relay station to his home. Do this, then rush back to watch the interesting end result of Larry’s experimentation. When it is over, check where Larry used to be, and you will find the Magnopulser.

The Magnopulser is a short range, very science fiction looking, weapon. It has unlimited ammo, and if you are close enough to enemies it will turn them from fully functional humans into a bloody vapor. It will send the rest of your enemies flying through the air like ragdolls. It is certainly a fun weapon, and could be handy during situations where ammo is running low.

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