How to find and enter Bunker 2 in Far Cry 6

Seems a bit tricky, eh?

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Bunker 2 is a location in Far Cry 6. You’ll visit it as part of a treasure hunt called Cache Money which, coincidentally, rewards you with the Sobek Special unique sniper rifle. Here’s our guide to help you find and enter Bunker 2 in Far Cry 6.

Go to the FND Storage Hub in Aguas Lindas, Madrugada

Bunker 2 and the Cache Money treasure hunt are found in Aguas Lindas at the northeastern section of Madrugada (it’s close to the Esperanza border). The area that we’re looking for is called the FND Storage Hub.

Once you get there, climb the ladder at the side of the building and take out the guards. You can interact with a panel here (seen in the featured image) that opens Bunker 2’s doors. Unfortunately, you won’t have enough time to make a mad dash before the doors close.

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Now, if you take a closer look, you’ll realize that there are fuel canisters piled up just behind Bunker 2’s entrance. If you use grenades, machine guns, or rocket launchers, you can cause a massive explosion. This will cause the shaft above Bunker 2 to open up.

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Climb down the shaft and the ladder. Continue along the hallway until you see a locked gate. Shoot the lock and pick up the Officer’s Keycard on the shelf.

In the next area, you should find a television set. Examine the desk to find another switch. Interact with it to reveal a hidden room. Inside, you’ll find a Yaran Contraband chest. Open it and get the Sobek Special unique sniper rifle. This also completes the Cache Money treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

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As for the Sobek Special sniper rifle in Far Cry 6, it has the following mods:

  • Blast Rounds
  • Large Sniper Scope
  • Canted Reflex Sight
  • Reload All
  • Headshot Supremo
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