How to get the Carriage Carnage SMG in Far Cry 6

Watch out for the fish.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you explore the island nation of Yara, you’re bound to find several unique weapons. One of these is the Carriage Carnage in Valle de Oro. Here’s our guide to help you get the Carriage Carnage SMG in Far Cry 6.

Go to the destroyed railway bridge near Castillo National Zoo

The Carriage Carnage unique SMG in Far Cry 6 is somewhere on a destroyed railway bridge near the Castillo National Zoo. That’s not a lot of information to go by, but it’s actually at the northwestern tip of Valle de Oro (very close to Madrugada’s border). Once you zoom in and see the Diamante Lakes area, it’s just north of that.

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Now, you’ll want to approach the ruined bridge from its northern point. You should see a ledge that you can gingerly walk on, allowing you to reach a section with climbable vines.

Beware, however, of Gar fish in the water. They’re extremely hostile and will attack you and your amigo on sight. Try not to fall while you’re traversing this area.

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In the next part, you’ll see a ledge that has almost collapse. Start sprinting and jump to clear the gap. The Carriage Carnage SMG in Far Cry 6 is, fittingly enough, inside a train car.

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As for mods, the Carriage Carnage SMG has the following:

  • Armor-piercing Rounds
  • Small Compensator
  • Specter Sight
  • Fresh Clip
  • High Ground
Screenshot by Gamepur