Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Walkthrough – Tips To Kill Father Gascoigne Boss

In Bloodborne Part 2 Walkthrough, you fought the Cleric Beast (the first boss in Bloodborne). In Bloodborne Walkthrough Part 3, the main objective is to Kill Father Gascoigne (the second boss in Bloodborne). Before moving ahead upgrade your weapons and get essential items like Molotov. You will also need a music box a girl will give you while talking to her in your path. This music box will help you in the final fight with Father Gascoigne Boss.

Father Gascoigne Walkthrough

Father Gascoigne Boss Walkthrough

There are total three phases of attack by Father Gascoigne. As mentioned below it is very important to get a music box you will get from the girl who is seeking for her mother. Father Gascoigne is a very strong opponent, so in order to deal with him, you have to be very quick. At the first two phases will be facing strong charged attacks. You have to wait until he transforms into a beast. Once is transformed the third phase begins. In Phase 3 the first thing you can do is stay around the tombstones. This will help you to dodge his attacks easily. You can throw Oil Urms and Molotov Cocktail to cause a pretty heavy damage to it. He will use combo attack, smash the ground with both hands, jump attack and dive towards you in the last phase.

Next, you will have to head to Father Gascoigne crossing through the Central Yharnman. You can visit Hunter’s Dream once and visit the Bath Messenger on the left of stairs. Go to Purchase item and check out the things available. Few things to go for is Hand Lantern, that will allow you to use weapons in both hands while illuminating in dark. Buy other things according to your requirements like Throwing Knife, Molotov Cocktail, Antidote, etc. Another important thing to purchase is Hunter Chief Emblem from the Key section. It will cost 10000 Blood Echoes if you are not having enough get this later on. By having this item you can easily unlock all the gates to Grand Cathedral’s round plaza. So a beneficial item you can go for as it will open the gate from the front. It is locked and you have to go through a lot of gameplay to unlock it from the other side. So keep this in your list.

Father Gascoigne WalkthroughFather Gascoigne Walkthrough

Under Left Hand Weapon you will see few more new weapons like Kirkhammer that cost 3000 Blood Echoes. Go through the list once if you want to buy a new weapon. Get back to Central Yharnman to battle with Father Gascoigne. Once you are back, go left kill an enemy and go down. Go further left and you will see a few enemies ahead with bricks. Go ahead and pass through a door. You will reach a lift and it will take you down. Once you are outside, go left, and on the bridge, you will find a few bunch of enemies, also a fireball will appear after some time to dodge it. Fight another enemy with brick, and move ahead. There is another enemy with a torch on the left, kill him and you will find stairs ahead. This is the final one, as you move ahead at the end there will be a cutscene. Before you begin to remember to keep some Molotov Cocktail with you. Also, you will need a Music box ready for you, when the boss turns into a beast, the box will help you to stop him for a while.

Father Gascoigne Walkthrough

Tips To Defeat Father Gascoigne Boss

In the cutscene, you will see the next boss. Father Gascoigne is not like the last one the Cleric Beast, he is more powerful and fast. He is a hunter so his moves can be lethal. He is very fast in attacks, he can run towards you and start attacking. Also, he can dodge your attacks instantly. Try using the headstones around the area, this will help you to dodge his attacks. Wait for his attack and when he stops the attack. But he is pretty fast in his attacks, so you have to take your time. Shoot once and then parry attack. This will give you a good amount of health damage. Try dodging his attacks and try the same thing back again.

Father Gascoigne Walkthrough

When he is aggressive, it is tougher to dodge him, but you can try out if you are near the stones. Stay away from him and let him attack first, and then instantly attack. Don’t attack when he is walking towards you that will not help. Slowly after more than half of his health is out he will transform into a beast. Keep moving in sideways, and take chances to attack. Once he turns into a beast, play the music box and he will stun. You have to get behind him and perform the charge attack. This will destroy a big chunk of his health and for the last part throw the Molotov Cocktail. After he dies you get the Odeon Tomb Key for the next area. You will earn 1800 Blood Echoes with the key in the end.

Once you are done killing the Father light the lamp in the area to set a check point. Through this, you can return to Hunter’s Dream. You can also find a Red Jeweled Brooch from a body of a dead woman. To get that take the stairs on the extreme right and go up, walk till the end on the left and jump on the roof on your left. This item can help to fortify weapons. Back to Hunter’s Dream, you can get upgrades. This is where the Part 3 ends. For next level, you can read Bloodborne Walkthrough Part 4 or you can read our Bloodborne Wiki guide for more update on the game.