FIFA 23: How to complete Road to the Knockouts Robin Gosens Objectives challenge

How far will Inter Milan go?

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With the UEFA Champions League in full swing, EA Sports is releasing UEFA-themed FUT content into FIFA 23. A new 84 OVR player item of Inter Milan LWB Robin Gosens is now available in Football Ultimate Team, and it can be claimed by completing a set of new Objectives. So, how can you get the 84 OVR Gosens? Let’s take a look.

How to complete RTTK Gosens Objectives challenge

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In order to complete this Road to the Knockouts challenge, you must complete four separate objectives. All of these can be completed in Squad Battles or Rivals. Here, users will compete against in offline competition, using teams that meet a certain set of objectives.

The four objectives are as follows:

  1. Thread the Needle – Assist five goals with Through Balls in Squad Battles matches on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals) (rewards are 75+ OVR Rated Rare Player and 300 XP)
  2. German Firepower – Score seven goals using German players in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals) (rewards are Gold Pack and 300 XP)
  3. Complete Package – Score and assist using Serie A players in three separate Squad Battles matches on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (rewards are Two Players Pack and 300 XP)
  4. Skilled Winner – Win six Squad Battles matches on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals) while having min. three Serie A players and min. three German players in your starting lineup (rewards are Small Electrum Players Pack and 300 XP)

Complete all four, and you will receive the 84 OVR Gosens and 300 XP.

Nothing particularly crazy for this offline-themed Objectives challenge for FIFA 23. Make good use of any strong Serie A and German options that you have in your collection, and then assemble the best possible roster from there.

This challenge is slated to expire on October 14.