Final Fantasy 16 – Bomb King Location & How To Defeat

Get even at the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 by finding and defeating this Notorious Hunt in the Weird Science side quest.

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Bombs are a fan favorite among Final Fantasy games, and these explosive foes have been wreaking havoc in the arena since Final Fantasy 2. In Final Fantasy 16, players finally get a chance to take revenge on the Bomb King for all the bombs that exploded before getting killed. The Bomb King is a Notorious Mark players can grab on the Hunting Board once they’ve started the Weird Science Side Quest in the Hideout. Still, finding and defeating this fiery creature won’t be easy.

Here is everything you’ll need to know about the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16, and how to defeat it.

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Final Fantasy 16: Bomb King Notorious Mark Guide

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  • Unlocks: Out of the Shadow Main Quest
  • Side quest required: Weird Science Side Quest
  • Rank: B
  • Level: 33
  • Rewards: 11250 Gil and 20 Renown

Final Fantasy 16: Bomb King Location

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Teleport to the Dragon’s Aery Obelisk, which will spawn Clive in the east-center region of the map. From there, head southeast past the Dragon’s Aery and into The Imperial Chase. Up the narrow passage is a round area where the Bomb King will spawn during the Weird Science Side quest.

Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat The Bomb King

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The Bomb King doesn’t have a Will Gauge. The good side is you can damage its health bar immediately. On the less bright side, none of its deadly attacks can be interrupted, so you’ll rely solely on dodging and staying away from danger.

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CoronationBomb King gathers flames around it and later spits a huge fireball toward Clive.Stay away from the Bomb King and dodge the fireball to the side.
FirespitBomb King spits a small but quick-fire projectile at Clive.Dodge to the side.
FirebreathBomb King throws a cloud of fire through his mouth for 3 to 5 seconds.Dodge to safety and deal blows to the Bomb King’s back.
WitanBomb King vacuums energy and pounds the ground, dealing physical and AoE damage.When Bomb King lifts higher into the ground, make some distance between the two of you.
King’s JusticeBomb Kings spawn two more minor bomb subjects to battle.Switch to multi-target attacks to deal damage to the smaller bombs as well as the Bomb King.