Final Fantasy 16 – Dread Comet Chocobo Location & How To Defeat It

Time find and defeat the Dread Comet Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16 and rid the people of Vallisthea of this cute menace.

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Final Fantasy 16 offers more freedom to explore and track down hunts once it incorporates the Hunting Board feature with Notorious Marks. As players progress through the story, new and more difficult hunts will become available.

One facet that makes Notorious Marks even more difficult is that they don’t get a map marker and must be located by reading the description on the Hunting Board. This guide covers finding and hunting down the Dread Comet Chocobo Notorious Mark.

Dread Comet Chocobo Notorious Mark Guide

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  • Unlock: A Song of Hope Main Quest
  • Rank: A
  • Level: 38
  • Rewards: 13000 Gil and 30 Renown

Final Fantasy 16: Dread Comet Chocobo Location

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Dread Comet Chocobo can be found in the Dhalmekian Desert. The fastest way to get to its location is to teleport to the Dalimill Inn Obelisk, mount on Ambrosia, and ride to the area between The Sickle and The Fields of Corava.

How to Defeat Dread Comet Chocobo Notorious Mark

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On the bright side, Dread Comet Chocobo doesn’t have a Will Gauge. This makes the fight considerably more accessible since the only bar that needs to be depleted is the red health one. Another positive aspect of this boss fight is that the Dread Comet’s moveset is limited to 4 moves. The bad news is that it will use these four moves relentlessly, so learning them all is advisable.

Choco MeteorDread Comet Chocobo blasts a meteor at Clive‘s position.Dodge the falling meteor either to the sides or backward.
Choco MeteorainDread Comet Chocobo shoots several meteors into the ground, which later explodes and deals AoE damage.Dodge the Meteors as they fall, and perform an extra jump to avoid the spreading damage.
Charge KickDread Comet Chocobo charges at Clive from a distance and uses its feet to kick Clive repeatedly.Dodge to the side or parry the attack to create an opening.
DischargeDread Comet Chocobo unleashes a brief blue explosion that pushes Clive back.Dodge backward.

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The deadliest and most difficult to avoid attack is Choco Meteorain. The attack lasts for a while, so keep your finger on the R1 trigger to avoid as many of them as possible.