Final Fantasy 16 – The Mageth Brothers Location & How To Defeat Them

Sends these Iron Kingdom pirates back where they came from with this guide on how to find and defeat the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16.

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Final Fantasy 16 offers players the chance to roleplay as bounty hunters with the inclusion of the Hunting Board and Notorious Marks. They marks out there range from tiny one-eyed bats to bands of outlaws like the Mageth Brothers. These guys are a pair of sturdy soldiers from the Iron Kingdom who just docked their ship in Rosaria. Since they are scaring travelers passing by, Clive must bring them down.

The Mageth Brothers Notorious Mark Guide

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  • Unlock: Things Fall Apart Main Quest
  • Rank: A
  • Level: 38
  • Rewards: 16250 Gil and 30 Renown

Final Fantasy 16: The Mageth Brothers Location

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The Mageth Brothers are located in the Quietsands north of Port Isolde. To get there, teleport to the Port Isolde Obelisk and make for the Quietsands up north. The brothers will be hanging by the western beach.

How to Defeat The Mageth Brothers Notorious Mark

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Unlike most Notorious Marks, hunting down the Mageth Brothers means three massive axes will be pointed your way. As such, dodging and parrying are key. Avoid taking damage because each hit will take a big chunk of health.

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Last CrusadeOne or all of the Mageth brothers will charge at Clive with his massive axe.Dodge to the side to avoid massive damage.
Crea y CwmTwo brothers perform an axe swing simultaneously.Dodge backward to avoid double damage.
Iron GavelOne brother swings his axe down on Clive.Parry this attack to create an opening. Alternatively, dodge to the sides.

The brothers only have access to one moveset at a time. When one of the brothers falls, they’ll move on to the second move. When only one brother is standing, he can only perform the last move.