Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Weapon Setup Guide

The weapon system in FFVII: Ever Crisis can be a bit confusing for new players. Here’s our opinion on how to get your setup up and running:

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s no surprise that a Final Fantasy game is full of complicated gearing and leveling systems, but it can still be exasperating for players nonetheless. We’re not sure if gating the gearing behind progression is good or not, but the way it’s handled in-game is confusing, to say the least.

Thankfully, we have a good grasp on how it works and the method behind having multiple options available for each character. If you have a busload of weapons sitting in your inventory screen, we’ll help you get started on turning that clutter into an awesome build.

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What To Look For In A Build

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you look at the image above, you’ll see that the butterfly edge is great for defensive play. Its Boost HP ability and Boost Limit Break Protection are great for fights that involve attrition. In a theoretical defensive build, you would combine this with other weapons with similar abilities if you wanted to make a tank. Cloud is great for that role and pretty much everything else in the game, along with other characters like Glenn and Barret.

When coming up with a build, you should always look for the R and C abilities for each weapon. R. Abilities can be unlocked and upgraded by boosting the rarity and level of each weapon. Pay attention to the abilities, as this can affect the performance of your character, whether it be their attack or support abilities. Also, the rarity of the weapon can be boosted when you pull copies, so don’t stress too much about manually doing it through ingredients.

How Do I Go About Equipping Gear?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Equipping gear is simple enough, but there are a lot of hidden menus that you may have missed. In this example, Cloud has his Murasame and Buster Sword equipped in his main and secondary slots, respectively. These two weapons determine his special weapon abilities in combat. When deciding what abilities you need in a certain fight, these are the most important, along with materia and the bonuses that come with them.

Now, as for the sub-weapons, you’ll be pleased to know that these slots are pretty much open to every weapon in your inventory, even if they aren’t typically wearable for certain characters. For example, Cloud is able to have Tifa’s Sonic Strikers in his sub slot, along with their R-abilities, at half the effectiveness. The C-abilities, like the Sonic Strikers’ Divekick, would not be usable for obvious reasons. We’d advise you to avoid the auto-equip option if you’re struggling with certain fights, as it tends to take only the base stats into account.

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is surprisingly fluid when it comes to customizing your team of fighters. Most of the gear is easy to get (for now), and all the characters are given to you immediately at the start. All you have to watch out for is gear and making sure you build some of the higher-tier characters for the tougher challenges. Still, whaling is always an option for those with deeper pockets and plenty of free time.