Final Fantasy XIV: All The Voidcast Dais (Extreme) Trial Gear Loot Drops

Golbez awaits a rematch in The Void Dais (Extreme) Trial in Final Fantasy XIV, and this guide shows all rewards from completing it.

The Extreme Trials in Final Fantasy XIV are some of the toughest challenges you can choose to undergo in the game. These Trials pit your team against a severe opponent, and the combatant will be exceptionally tough, but completing it provides a variety of rewards that you can earn alongside your teammates.

The Voidcast Dais is one of the tougher Extreme trials you can complete in Final Fantasy XIV. You will need to complete the standard one, but once you do and unlock it, the rewards are worth this endeavor. We have a thorough breakdown detailing all of the loot you and your teammates can potentially earn should beat it.

Every Item on The Voidcast Dais (Extreme) Trial Loot Table in Final Fantasy XIV

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The Voidcast Dais Trial becomes available as you progress through the Main Scenario Quests of Final Fantasy XIV. The primary ones include the Main Scenario Quests for Patch 6.4, The Dark Throne. The Voidcast Dais Trial becomes available during the Abyssal Dark, the seventh quest in the series. These only become available if you’ve completed The Endwalker expansion.

Following the conclusion of the standard The Voidcast Dais Trial, we had to make our way to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan. The Wandering Minstrel remains in his content spot at coordinates (X:12.7, Y:14.2). Upon speaking with him, he gave us a new quest to attempt the Voidcast Dais (Extreme) Trial, but we also had to meet the requirement of getting to the Average Item Level of 630 on our character.

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These are all of the items that are available on The Voidcast Dais (Extreme) Trial and what might appear should you finish it with your group.

All Golbez Gear Loot Drops

These are all of the items that could appear as a potential drop for your team. It is guaranteed that everyone to receive 25 Allagan Tomestones of Causality, 15 Allagan Tomestones of Comedy, and two Voidcast Archfiend Totems.

Gear IconGear Drops
Faded Copy of Voidcast Savior
Lynx of Fallen Shadow Flute
Paladin’s Voidcast Arms
Voidcast Arquebus
Voidcast Bayonet
Voidcast Cane
Voidcast Cavalry Bow
Voidcast Chakrams
Voidcast Claws
Voidcast Codex
Voidcast Greatsword
Voidcast Index
Voidcast Knives
Voidcast Labrys
Voidcast Lance
Voidcast Pauldron
Voidcast Rapier
Voidcast Rod
Voidcast Samurai Blade
Voidcast Torquetum
Voidcast War Scythe
Voidcast Weapon Coffer (IL 645)
Voidcast Wings