Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get The Heartfelt Sincerity Emote

The Heartfelt Sincerity emote won’t be around for long in Final Fantasy XIV, and this guide shows you where to find it before it disappears.

Image via Square Enix

There are dozens of emotes for you to acquire in Final Fantasy XIV, each a unique form of movement for your character to display distinct emotions. These are fun to pull out while waiting for the rest of the party to get ready before a big raid encounter or to use to express gratitude to another player while playing the game.

One of the many emotes in Final Fantasy XIV is called the Heartfelt Sincerity emote, which is one of the several Ballroom Etiquette choices. When performing this emote, your character will place a hand over their heart, with their expression looking downwards and their eyes closed. It only appears in a specific place and will be easier for some to add to their collection.

Where to Find The Ballroom Etiquette – Heartfelt Sincerity Emote in Final Fantasy XIV

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can only add the Heartfelt Sincerity Emote to your collection by picking it up during the Series 4 PvP Season in FFXIV. It is the fifth reward in the Series Malmstones, which means you’ll need to participate in PvP matches to acquire it. These PvP matches do not take too much time, but they vary in rewards depending on whether you win the set.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Series 4 PvP season begins on May 23, 2023, being added for Update 6.4, and will end when Update 6.5 arrives. This is an unknown date, but Season 3 went from January 10, 2023, to May 22, 2023, giving players roughly five months to earn all rewards. Hopefully, Season 4 will follow the same pattern, but it is not guaranteed.

If you more frequently lose sets in the Crystalline Conflict, either Casual or Ranked matches, there’s a good chance it could take you more than 15 matches before you reach Final Fantasy XIV’s Heartfelt Sincerity Emote on the Series 4 Malmstones reward track.

We won our first match in a Casual Crystalline Conflict and earned 900 of the required 2,000 points for the first reward. If we were to continue winning, we’d likely need to only complete roughly 10 matches before reaching the Heartfelt Sincerity Emote. If you can, we recommend partying up with friends to acquire this emote and unlocking it for your character.

After you’ve unlocked the emote, it will be available on that character, and you won’t have to unlock it again. However, other characters on your Final Fantasy XIV account must go through the same process if you wish to get it for them.