For My Son gig – Cyberpunk 2077

A mother’s love.

In the For My Son gig, you will be acting as the hand of vengeance for a grieving mother. She wants revenge against the man responsible for her son’s death, and you will be the person who does that for her.

The first order of business is actually getting into the fighting club where her son died. For this, go around the left side of the building and speak with the doorman. You can either bribe your way inside or else intimidate him if you have a Body score of 13 or above.

Once inside, move to the back right of the building and climb up onto the second level. From this point on you are not supposed to be there, so make sure nobody sees you. There will be a guard leaning against the railing to the left, so you can either kill him quietly or sneak past him. You want to get to the ladder and climb up onto the roof of the target’s office.

There is a door here that you can open if you have a high enough Technical attribute, so check that before you climb up the ladder. You only need a Technical score of 8 to get through the door, so even builds using Tech as a sub stat should be able to manage this.

From there, drop down on the far side and you will be beside a door with a large guard inside. This bit is awkward, but if you have the System Reset quickhack it will easily deal with him. If you have no other way to deal with him, then you have no choice to get noisy, which will alert Logan in his office.

Deal with the guard, then go inside and deal with Logan. If you are still managing to be stealthy, wait for Logan to go and look out the window, then sneak in and snap his neck. If you want, you can just knock him out and then carry him back out of the building and the fixer will send a car for you to dump him in. He will be brought off to face a mother’s justice if you do this.

The easier option is just to kill him, as the other guards are not going to let you carry him out without a fight. When you are finished, all you need to do is leave the building to wrap up this gig.