Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 – All Letter Locations

 Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 – All Letter Locations

A new Season in Fortnite: Battle Royale means new Challenges. Some of these involve fighting and shooting other players, but this week there are two that don’t. The Tomato Town Treasure Map is one, collecting all the letters is the other. Once you have collected the Tomato Town Treasure, you can move on to the letters. Letters are pretty easy to spot, and keep in mind that you need to interact with them in order to move on to the next one.

Letter Locations
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Fortnite Letter Locations

The letters spawn all around the map, and take the form of pickups, just like the crest from the Tomato Town challenge. Specific letters are not found in certain locations. Instead, you just need to go to the different places they can spawn, and the game will spawn in the next letter that you need. Some of these will be easy to get to, others will be very difficult and may require you to do some building. Thankfully, Redditor Strantjanet has been keeping a list of places, because some members of the community are always kind and helpful when it comes to such things!

Anarchy – At the Red Barn, on top of the weathervane.

Dusty Divot – On the blue powerline to the east of the crater.

Tilted Towers – On the clocktower.

Haunted Hills – On the eagle grave, near the chest spawn.

Risky Reels – On the projector.

Pleasant Park – on the middle roof.

Salty Springs – Top of the tower that overlooks Salty Springs.

Greasy Grove – At the play area beside the burger restaurant.

Moisty Mire – Near the helicopter and the large green screen.

Lonely Lodge – On the roof of the mansion to the south of Lonely Lodge.

Snobby Shores – On the far right, at the brown house, near the lantern.

Flush Factory – Near Flush, on top of the new dancefloor.

I’ll update this list as more letter locations become available. Also, huge respect to all the Fortnite players out there who are finding these and letting other players know. Once again, these do not need to be collected in any set order, simply visiting the various locations at any point will get you the next letter you need.

That’s it for this guide, I hope you found it helpful!