Fortnite E.G.O Outpost Locations – Where To Visit Five EGO Outposts


A new week means more challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2. Once again, you have the chance to finish up all sorts of challenges to get some XP and rank up your Battle Pass. It is the usual mix this week; you will need to do damage with certain weapons, revive teammates, and visit specific locations on the map. One of the challenges is to visit five different E.G.O outposts.

Fortnite E.G.O Outpost Locations – Where To Visit Five EGO Outposts

E.G.O Outpost Locations

You may not know all of these locations. However, you can find the five places you need on the map above.

One E.G.O Outpost can be found to the south-west of Holly Hedge, while another is to the south-west of Misty Meadows. A third can be found just to the north of Lazy Lake, and a fourth is to the north-west of Dirty Docks, directly below Steamy Stacks.

The first E.G.O Outpost is near the beach to the west of Pleasant Park. You will need to visit all five for this challenge, but you don’t need to get to them all in a single game, thankfully. They do tend to have some decent loot, so keep an eye open for chests and weapon spawns.

And that is it! Just visit the marked locations above, you don’t need to do any specific there like get a kill or loot anything, you don’t even have to dance! You should search for some chests, however, as another challenge is to search seven chests at E.G.O Outposts.

Don’t forget, when you finish 8 of the Lowdown Mission challenges, you will be able to track down the hidden N this week. We happen to have a helpful guide to help you find it. You will need to collect all the secret letters as part of the Alter Ego challenges. If you have missed any, we have guides showing you where to find the hidden T, the hidden R, the hidden 0, and the hidden F.