Where To Find The Hidden N For Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 5 - The Lowdown Missions


The mystery of the missing letters continues in Fortnite Chapter 2. This week, you need to find the hidden N as part of The Lowdown Missions. You can see the hidden N in the header image above, about two-thirds of the way up the very left of the image. It's all well and good to see it in the picture, but the tricky part is tracking it down in-game, which is what we will help you do. 

Where To Find The Hidden N For Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 5 - The Lowdown Missions

Hidden N Location

Here's a couple of important bits of information. You can only see these letters if you have purchased the Season 1 Battle Pass with those all-important V-Bucks. You will then need to complete eight other Lowdown Mission challenges before you are able to open up this particular challenge. 

To find the hidden N, you want to make your way towards Holly Hedges, then to the south-west, towards the large bend in the road there. The N is located in a giant hangar at the E.G.O Outpost that is located in that area. 

As usual, this will make this location a bit of a hotspot, so get in, run to the end of the hanger to grab the letter, then try to make it out alive. If you get there and you cannot see the N, make sure that you have at least eight other challenges done from the new mission.

You will need to collect all the hidden letters as part of the Alter Ego challenges. If you have missed any, we have guides showing you where to find the hidden T, the hidden R, the hidden 0, and the hidden F

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